Parts - New Parts

We can offer a full range of new and reclaimed, warranted parts for most machines.

New Parts

New PartsOver the last 10 years, we have been building partnerships with many OEM (Original Equipment manufacturers) supplying parts to Wohlenberg. By buying direct we can often make considerable savings, which we can pass onto our customers.

Alternatives are often superior to the OEM item. Several years down the line, components are improved or superceded for efficiency and reliability, so we constantly monitor our supplier base for upgraded parts. These are often cheaper too as they become the current industry standard. We can also set our own stock levels based on our own customer base and our experience on required items. This evolves constantly. As I’m sure you are aware, Main agents are tied to supply contracts and so have to buy through approved routes at fixed prices. We are not and are free to use the best source. This reduces lead times and overheads - again reducing costs.

Service Parts

All required service parts are held in stock at all times and are also held in the service vehicles.


A full range of consumables is available. Such as...

Knives - High Speed Steel & Tungsten Carbide Tip for main sizes held in stock
Cutting sticks - for HSS and TCT
Shear Bolts - For ALL models
Fuses - ALL types / Ratings
Lamps - Cut Line Indicator and Table Flood.

Guillotine First Aid Kits

Guillotine First Aid KitSeriously! Read on! All our reconditioned machines come with a first aid kit. This consists of Fuses, Shear bolts etc items that came be replaced by a competent person as a first fix. But what about Contactors and relays etc? These often fail in critical circuits just at the wrong time. If you call in a specialist he MAY have these on board but will charge “the going rate” If you have an RPM First Aid Kit for your machine, he can use the part needed which you can then replace, via ourselves, at your leisure at a considerable cost saving. You can also be sure that you have the part on site!

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