Sales - Wohlenberg

As Wohlenberg specialists with over 20 years specialist knowledge in their full range of guillotines, we are very well placed sell quality used machines. With so many years of maintain, repairing and installing them, we know what to look for in good used example. Further, we have an extensive customer base who offer us their well maintained machines when they upgrade or change format, giving us access to a constant flow of Quality pre-owned machines with a known history.

So, if your looking a for a Wohlenberg Guillotine with a known history, a solid no hassle warranty, from a product specialist... you have come to the right place. We try to maintain a constant, available stock of all machines. From a basic (but P.I.A.C compliant) cutter to the latest digital Cut-Tec range, we have supplied quality machines of all types and price ranges to our customers.

As product specialists, we often advise other print machinery dealers on Wohlenbergs and are often offered trade machines. Should these be of suitable quality they too are added to our stock or we can sometimes act as agents for a few trusted Dealers. In fact we trust them so much we complete the warranty work!

Please feel free to contact us either via our site, phone or fax. And be assured your enquiry will receive immediate attention.

""to maximize the reliability and productivity of your print finishing equipment"

"Factory trained product specialists for the full range of Wohlenberg, Maxima and Knorr Equipment"